Are you ready to change your life, work toward those big goals you have and be part of a BRAND NEW COMPANY??

Here’s the scoop!  To enroll is simple!  Visit http://beautyninja.willingbeauty.com to enroll.  Simply follow the steps and select an enrollment set that best fits your needs. Take a look at the images below as well as the contents, cost and value of each set. (Note: Not all items are pictured.) All 3 sets will immediately qualify you receive an invitation to become a Beauty Advisor; you will be charged for the set upon shipment, not right now.   Once you join Team Beauty Ninjas, be sure to let me know, so I can welcome you to our Facebook team page!  www.facebook.com/groups/beautyninjas

Look at those cost savings!! Are you excited?? Which way are YOU leaning?


WILLING BEAUTY AND WILLA COMBO SET17238038_380340738991835_882272846_n

$344/$753 retail value/54% savings 
Perfect for the parent-tween/teen team looking to address both audiences.

  31 products
  3 HY+5 Complex Regimens
  bonus HY+5 Complex Regimen to gift in April
  Willa The Essentials Regimen
  Willa Clear Skin Regimen
  Willa Take Action acne spot treatment pen
  Born to Glow Skin Elixir
  XO Lip Oil



WILLING BEAUTY SET16665879_368356840190225_7630483212055520436_o

$261/$603 value/57% savings
Ideal for the Beauty Advisor who wants to focus on adults

  22 products
  3 HY+5 Complex Regimens
  bonus HY+5 Complex Regimen to gift in April
  Born to Glow Skin Elixir
  XO Lip Oil




WILLA SET16486905_368356960190213_642614357412343049_o

$250/$499 value/50% savings
Ideal for the Beauty Advisor and Willagirl 
  29 products
  3 Willa The Essentials Regimens
  bonus Willa The Essentials Regimen to gift
  2 Willa Clear Skin Regimens
  2 Willa Take Action spot treatment pens
  Born to Glow Skin Elixir
  2 XO Lip Oil