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Elizabeth Neola ~ Atlanta, GA

Phone:  678-340-8096


I worked in the corporate world for 18 years until my position was eliminated due to the economy during my maternity leave with my twins. I took it as a sign and became a stay at home mom. When my twins started Kindergarten, I decided I wanted to go back to “work” in order to get adult time, make some extra money and just generally have something to do, but I needed flexibility and preferred the ability to be a telecommuter again given the schedules of my five children.  The answer ended up being direct sales when I joined the Origami Owl family of brands as an Independent Designer in 2014.

In 2016, my family moved to “clean” eating due to a program one of my twins entered, and stayed with the cleaner eating even after he left the program. As a part of this change in lifestyle, I started looking into cleaner living in general. As a result, when Willing Beauty was announced, I became very intrigued with the products. I immediately moved two of my daughter’s onto the Willa product, and eventually got my resistant older daughter to give it a try. The difference I’ve noticed in their complexion is a “glowing” review for the product and for them, I became a Beauty Advisor. While upon launch I intend to move to the Willing Beauty adult line myself, my girls will always be my “why?” for joining this company. I only hope that as a Beauty Advisor I can educate more parents about safer skin care and convince them that if not for them, then to at least consider their children when looking into skin care products.



Ashley Kolnowski ~ Alpena, MI

Phone:  1-989-590-2046


I’m excited and humbled to be able to share my story and journey, in hopes that I can inspire or uplift someone else.  I joined my very first direct sales company in 2013.  Having never been in the industry before, I didn’t know what to expect.  What I found was an incredibly positive and uplifting addition to my already amazing life.  Life hasn’t always been easy for me, I had a difficult unhappy upbringing and those obstacles have helped me grow and make a difference, this is what I love most about our industry!  You see, as a young woman, I faced some pretty extensive obstacles, obstacles that could have very easily debilitated me; yet those obstacles pushed me to want so much more.  Having very little parental support in my early life ; blessed me with twins at the age of 15.  My husband and I have gone through so much together, from such a young age! Our twins were born early, as so many twins are. My babies weighed 1’11 ounces and 2’3 ounces at birth.  I felt I was just realizing everything was happening and BAM…they were born.  The babies lived in the NICU until they were 5lbs or well enough to come home.  After Life can throw you obstacles and it’s how you view those obstacles that makes a difference. Share that your upbringing wasn’t happy, but you’ve found happy and want to help others find it to.  After 2 and a half months, the smaller of the two passed due to a bacterial infection;  my first time to hold him was my last.  In my life I have had a bunch of obstacles and I feel it’s how you view the obstacles and what you make out of them, that makes a difference. As a result of everything that has happened, I have found happiness in helping others create stories and sharing mine. I love that I can touch other people’s lives.

When I heard about Willing Beauty, I had to order the product and give it a try.  I always have had trouble with acne and I feel a lot of it is because of all the stress in my life.  Since trying Willa, I have not had as many breakouts and I am so excited to try the HY5 line! Skincare is so very important; so many people are getting cancer.  I feel it’s important to do whatever it takes to protect our skin and use as many chemical free products as possible. I am excited because I was part of the ground floor opportunity, which enables me to share this product and my story with others.  Being in the industry helps my family so much, it gives us some financial breathing room.   My son is able to be involved in sports; he loves soccer and basketball.  My goals have always been simple…to be able to make enough money to no longer need 2 part-time jobs and help pay for my sons activities.  , so I can spend more time with my family.

My family is what motivates me to do all the extra things I do. 



Elise Peters ~ Peoria, AZ

Phone: 1-602-799-6898

I have been doing some form of direct sales since 1995. I have experienced a lot of different venues and only those that I truly love and am passionate about. Since November of 2011, I have been helping people to share their stories with personalized jewelry with Origami Owl ®, and have truly enjoyed mentoring many designers who I now call friends.
I am the mother of 21 year old twin and a 13 year old; all boys. I had sworn off any direct sales for several years while I battled breast cancer. I was diagnosed when my youngest was 5. It was a very scary and difficult time for my family and myself. In that time we also had found that 2 of my children were born with some birth defects. One with cerebral palsy and the other with a heart defect. My family and our health was our main mission and continues to be so today. Direct Sales has given my family peace of mind, because I’m able to be home and take care of my family, while contributing to the household.
Willing beauty means so much to me because of the clean, safer and effective ingredients contained within the products. Our skin is the largest organ on our body, and everything we put on it, goes into it. During my battle with breast cancer, I discovered that a lot of the beauty product out there contained carcinogens. I was putting enough chemicals into my body to fight using chemo and radiation, I did not want more entering my body if I could avoid it. So I have been on a quest for safer skin care that works, and is affordable. Along came Willing Beauty and it has changed my skin from the inside out, without a lot of harmful ingredients. I’m so thrilled with the product and excited to share it with you!

Becky Zufall ~ Maple Grove, MN

Contact Email:

I have been a part of Direct Sales since my late 20’s, but it wasn’t until I found Origami Owl in 2013 that I found my passion. I love helping people build their stories in lockets. It’s therapeutic, humbling, inspiring, and so much fun. Origami Owl has helped me grow as a person and as a leader. It has given me the confidence to be myself. Chrissy, Bella, and the entire Leadership Team with Origami Owl are so inspiring with their love, compassion and dedication to us Designers, when they announced Willing Beauty I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of it. Being backed by the amazing team at Origami Owl guarantees success! Also as a Thyroid Cancer Survivor it’s hard to find products that have no endocrine disruptors or harsh chemicals. I have very dry skin from my cancer treatments and have struggled to find good products to use. Since I started using the Willa line, I have noticed a dramatic difference in the texture of my skin. It’s cleaner, smoother, and feels softer. I can’t wait to start using the Hy-5 Regimen.

 I have always wanted to be my own boss and have the flexibility to travel and enjoy life. Battling cancer teaches you to live every day to the fullest and I know this opportunity will give me the flexibility I need to do just that. I would also really love to pay off my debt and my dream is to purchase a house!

Being a part of the Pre-Launch is exciting and I can not wait for this journey with my team.


Luv Lima ~ Treasure Coast, FL

Contact Email:

Phone 772-201-6477

I am so excited to be part of Willing Beauty.  My parents were great leaders in direct sales when I was a teenager, thus setting the pace for me and encouraging me to follow in their footpath.  When I was 18, I jumped into direct sales;  I was able to pay for college on my own.  Then life happened. 

I became a wife to an amazing man and we were blessed with two beautiful boys.  And in 2009 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  During that time I realized I needed to do something  in order for me to be able to stay home, focus on my health and help provide for my family.  It was time for me to look for something to do from home.  In 2013 I found where my heart belongs.  The joy I get in helping others on my team call me to tell me how they earned this, or achieved that – is so rewarding and fills me heart! 

However, something was missing.  My parents have always instilled the importance of a healthy living, and I noticed my decisions were much different now that I have two little ones that I have to make healthy choices for.  My little ones are now pre-teens and one has come to me with the dreaded one eyed pimple on the tip of his nose.  And that got me thinking, what can I possibly give my boys that will be safe, effective and chemical free.  Nothing I had ever tried worked for me.  I had always suffered with horrible acne and acne scars.  And at that time, I was introduced to Willing Beauty. 

I am a strong believer in Timing Is EVERYTHING and I am right on time!    

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Christine Salazar ~ Hacienda Heights, CA

Call/Text: 909-583-4200


My name is Christine and I have been part of the Origami Owl Family of Brands for the past 3 years as an O2 Designer. I love the jewelry line but I absolutely love the Company and for what it stands for: to be a Force for Good and to empower people of all ages. It’s truly amazing to be part of such a wonderful company! So when they introduced Willing Beauty, I knew this would be just as special! How can you say no to better-for-you skin care? Count me in!

I know my blessings will continue on with Willing Beauty. As a full-time working single mom, the second source of income has given us more freedom, allowing my son and daughter not to go without. They are my rock, my motivation and my why in everything I do. It is because of them I’m so ready to take my businesses to the next level! I want to continue to improve our financial freedom, but more importantly, be able to help people achieve their goals and dreams. I have an AMAZING support system that include family and friends, and my O2 family. It’s time I pay it forward. It’s truly an exciting time and I will be there every step of the way!

Welcome to Willing Beauty and the Origami Owl Family of Brands.